Biography in Russian


"She surprises the audience with her extraordinary interpretation and powerful
pianistic performance"          
Red Star, Russia

"I was immediately  struck by her wonderful pianistic talent and  her true natural
artistic personality."
Ton Hartsuiker (director of Amsterdam Conservatory)

"Anna Fridman follows her own wonderfull way between poetry and virtuosity. She is
an inspiring continuation of the Romantic tradition of the great Russian Piano Masters."
Goudsche Courant, Holland

"Anna Fridman is a characterfull pianist. She is a master of performing of classical


"This wonderful pianist enfolded the three movements without even a touch of
superficiality or slowness, with impressing spirit, well-determined in details and
an iron grip within the enclosing sets."
Ostfriesen-Zeitung, Germany

"Chopin and Anna Fridman. The elegant line."
Nordbayerischer Kurier, Germany

"The pianoplaying of Anna Fridman remains of the playing of big russian pianomasters."
Alphen a/d. Rijn

"Ovations for a masterly piano-playing"
"The pianist Anna Fridman enchanted the audience."
"A. Fridman set soloistic highlights in Rubinstein’s piano concert No.4 d-minor which large musical versatility seemed to thoroughly have been made for this lady’s virtuoso hands. Anna  Fridman has been well-established in her native residence, Russia, ever since."
Langener Zeitung, Germany

"This female pianist proved her brilliance by her distinctive touch, delicate techniques and a great mind for the poetry of music. Especially admirable is her ability to not
only receive the Chopin’s pianistic arabesques as a bare decoration but also to
shape them so intensively and melodically detailed that even the most pianissimo
tones were of a substantial importance."
Rüsselsheimer Echo, Germany


"Filled by tension, poetry and ferocity:
Anna Fridman convinced by her virtuosity, displaying sparkling cascades of sounds
as well as creating a great contrast in the moments of restraint or in instances of striking forces."
Südwest-Presse, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

"A splendid performance that the pianist showed in E.Grieg’s piano concert:
with a powerful touch and loaded by emotional energy the solo-player was
in a harmonic vibe, completed by the symphonic play."

Aachener Volkszeitung, Germany

"True talent was shown by Fridman playing Chopin: the Waltz in a minor was floating
by as from afar with a tender sadness."

Kölnische Rundschau, Germany

"Her performance of  the Grieg’s Piano Concerto impressed by a blossoming sound, rhythmic waggishness, great cantabile in the Adagio and also by extremely precise passages, sounding like given by mighty powers. Furthermore her encore of Chopin qualified her as a supreme Chopin interpreter."
Westfälische Rundschau, Germany

"Fridman plays the Allegro Molto Moderato with a fullness of facets, lyrically and melancholically tempered in the Adagio as well as virtuous and caringly phrasing
in the Allegro Moderato."

Frankenpost, Bayreuth, Germany

"In probably the most important piece of Anton Rubinstein’s five piano concerts,
the opus no.70 d minor, Anna Fridman released everything the genius had put into
his writing with an almost perfect craft. And first of all that’s one thing: technical brilliance in the piano sets.”
Borkener Zeitung, Germany

"Anna Fridman played with a beautiful, never penetratingly loud piano sound and thereby offered the violinist Natasha Korsakova the dynamicly balanced base. Five pieces from the opera “Porgy and Bess” showed that Fridman and Korsakova have
been able to master the jazzy, quasi-improvised melody bows and blue-note chords
as well."

Hanauer Anzeiger, Germany

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