Biography in Russian

Piano & Drama / Recitation

The "Mozart-Show":

"My brother’s name is Mozart"

Classical music combined with play / drama:

Based on the biography of W. A. Mozart, his family
and the correspondence among his family.

Short Movie "Mozart-Show"

See short movie
on YouTube

(in German)


Beethoven & Goethe

"The delusion of immortality"

Classical music combined with recitation:

Stories and anecdotes from the lives of the two geniuses, accompanied by the beautiful music of Beethoven and some literary highlights of Goethe.

Short Movie "Beethoven&Goethe"

See short movie
on YouTube

(in German)


Further performances:

Chopin and George Sand "Infernal love"
Clara and Robert Schumann "On my way to Russia"
Based on the diary of Clara Schumann
Liszt and Marie D´Agoult  "More than just love"
Tschaikovsky and Countess Von Meck - The letters "To my best friend"


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